Fireplace & Flue Liner Services

fireplaceChimney & Fireplace Repair

Fireplaces are commonplace in many St. Louis homes. They’re a great thing to have, whether you are enjoying the energy savings benefits from heating your home or just enjoy the warmth and sound of a crackling fire. And while they are fairly low maintenance, as with anything else, they can malfunction.
We service all aspects of the fireplace. Including flue liners, fireboxes, dampers and more.

Flue Liners

We service, repair and install flue liners of all sorts, shapes and sizes. Clay liners, Stainless Steel liners (Rigid and Flexible), Aluminum, galvanized and copper. Liners for fireplaces, appliances and more.

Firebox repair

We service, repair and rebuild fireboxes, both metal and clay firebrick.


Service, Repair and installation services for dampers.

And More

Flue liner cleaning, inspection and more!

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