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Meet the Company’s Crew

A little about the Owners…
Did you Know Atek is family owned and Operated?

Mike Thompson started Atek in April, 2003 with his two sons, Jacob and Josh. Mike had been previously employed in the field since 1981. He retired after health issues became a concern is now a consultant and adviser to Jacob and Josh.

Jacob has been with Atek since the beginning. A lot of Jacob’s work is put in behind the desk. While working on every job during progress to completion, he takes care of sales, scheduling, materials, etc. His efforts are invaluable to the company.

Josh has, like Jacob and Mike, been in it since the beginning. He is responsible for quality control and making sure jobs are completed in a timely manner. One would be hard pressed to find anyone with the expertise and compassion Josh has for the quality of his work.

If you ever find yourself with questions or concerns throughout the course of your project, communicating with any one of the crew will be easy, painless and leave you with the right knowledge and peace of mind.

by Jacob Thompson