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Tuckpointing Estimates in St. Louis: No-Hassle No Pressure sales

No Pressure Proposals

While it is always a good idea to meet up with your masonry contractor(Or any contractor) before work begins, It’s also easy to understand how a working person’s schedule can get quite busy. Over the past few years, I’ve run into a number of scenarios where “meeting up” for an estimate or proposal for work just wasn’t possible. Those reasons may include…

  • Being located or living outside of our service area and need work done on a property you own here, in St. Louis
  • A hectic business schedule prevents maintaining an appointment
  • Working nights and sleeping during normal business hours.
  • And some may just be curious of cost and want to feel no obligation of having work performed by making a bunch of appointments.

Whatever your reason, listed or not, we’re taking orders for tuckpointing estimates without the hassle.

How to get your Hassle Free Bid: (3 Easy Steps)

  1. Message us using the form on the “Contact Us” Page of the site or directly email us at
  2. Describe your project needs and/or wants
  3. Supply a Name, Address and Detailed Pictures of the area where repairs are needed or available time(s) the exterior of the property can be walked for evaluation.
    • Detailed pictures include close-up or high-resolution pictures of work area and area surrounding work. Because setting up is a large part of tuckpointing costs, we will need to be familiar with the access to the area in need of repair.

That’s it, Sit back & Relax, we will use the information to type a proposal for the work described and have it emailed to you within 3 business days. It doesn’t get any more low pressure or hassle free than not having to be around for the estimate.

We’re confident that our prices are competitive enough to skip pressuring sales tactics. And our knowledge of the masonry field should leave anyone rest assured, we know what we’re doing. Bidding your project is an opportunity for us and because we’re lucky to get that opportunity, we want you to feel the same luck, that you found us.

Other efforts in Making Business as Easy as Possible include:

  • Accommodating your schedule/needs
    • Typical workdays run from M-F 730-3:30 (Weather and time of year permitting)  But maybe Tuesdays don’t work because it’s your day off and you don’t want to hear the noise or You may prefer we wait till start until the kids are off to school or cut out before they get home because they utilize the yard for play.  Whichever the reason, we can adjust working times to be earlier, later and on some occasions we can make use of weekends.
  • Not collecting payment before project start.
    • Down payments are not needed for most projects.
    • And No down payment is ever required until the project is started.
  • Walks arounds with customers upon completion
    • At the end of each project a walk around can be scheduled to assure everything was finished to specifications of the proposal and satisfaction is achieved.
  • Warranties offered for repairs.
    • Most projects come with a 5 year warranty against defect in material and workmanship for 5 years from completion date.
    • Everything offered by Atek is warranted for at least 1 year.
  • No unexpected surprises, add-ons or additional fees
    • Our proposals aren’t estimates in the sense of the word estimating. It’s not a guess. The prices associated with the work outlined in the proposal are the prices paid for the job.
    • We also have the foresight to expect the unexpected. “Surprises” are virtually non-existent for us in this line of work. This comes with experience.

Want to know more? Maybe you’d rather meet up, either way check out our Proposal Process or search the site for information related to your project. Questions & Comments are always welcome and appreciated.