Tuckpointing & Brick Repair Companies in St. Louis

Following the Broken Brick Road

St. Louis is a city built with brick. It’s only natural that people follow work opportunities. With an almost over abundant supply of tuckpointing companies in St. Louis, being competitive while maintaining quality isn’t optional. Not for the long run, anyway. That’s why here, at Atek, we’ve been able to keep things going for the past 10 years & the future isn’t looking bad either.

A Tuckpointing Company’s success

In the past 10 years, We’ve personally witnessed the rise and fall of nearly a dozen tuckpointing companies in St. Louis. Sometimes even watching those who fail, try again/fail again. Successfully running any kind of company takes Honesty, Dedication and Knowledge of the field. Lacking in any of these areas will only expedite failure. Our father was a mason, My brother and I have been around this our entire lives. I can remember as early as 8 years old asking about tools of his trade, at 9 using mortar to make sculptures of the Pyramids over a soda box filled with Meramac sand for a school project & being 10-11 years old, mixing my first bag of mortar in the wheelbarrow.

Lucky enough to practically be born with the knowledge of the field, honesty and understanding dedication were also major household values growing up. I, like many, learned early that honesty creates trust and that dedication is essential in achieving anything worth mentioning. Forming this tuckpointing company, while utilizing these ideas, with a brother and friends who hold the same values has been unreal. By that I mean, not too often are people doing what they want to do for a living. Masonry restoration and tuckpointing is more than a job to us, it’s a rewarding feeling and good time making things new again with family and friends.

Choosing a Tuckpointing Company

I’m not trying to say we’re the best and only choice for choosing a tuckpointing company in St. Louis, but I wouldn’t argue if I heard it. Though they are few and far between, I’ve worked with other tuckpointing companies in the past who will give you an honest price and the best quality. Who? Check them out below.

A list of St. Louis Tuckpointing Companies:

Competition is tough. But these are not competitors. These are friends and peers who share the same passion for the trade as us here @ Atek.

Atek_LOGO_REDJacob Thompson, with Atek Tuckpointing & Brick Repair

A blunt and blatant reminder that we’re tuckpointers and you’re on our site! Call, Text or Email us for a Free Estimate! 314-629-2283


HMSTerry Humes, with Humes Masonry Solutions (HMS)   (

We have worked with Humes Masonry Solutions on multiple projects over the past several years. Offering quality work and competitive pricing similar to us, here at Atek, I  can say, without doubt, you won’t go wrong with HMS. With a website full of detailed pictures that really showcase the art behind the trade, you’ll see that Humes Masonry Solutions is qualified for the job. If you find yourself with masonry problems, rest assured, Mr. Humes will have masonry solutions.