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Tuckpointing Services

Tuckpointing is a valuable preventative measure, that can help protect your home from possible damage that occurs over time. Moisture entry, during freeze/thaw cycles, through brickwork can cause brick movement and damage to the interior of your home. Tuckpointing also extends the life of the masonry (brick) and adds structural integrity to the walls of your home. In addition, changing the color of the mortar is an option to give your home a new look as well as, add curb appeal and value.

Solid Tuckpointing

Solid tuckpointing is the process of tuckpointing solid sections or entire walls. It is generally the best and longest lasting solution to a repair needing tuckpointing.

Spot Tuckpointing

Spot tuckpointing is more of a maintenance service than anything else. The Spot tuckpointing process involves addressing major open hole, settling cracks and damaged mortar throughout an area where surrounding mortar is in fair to great shape.

Completion Tuckpointing

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