Tuckpointing Styles: Mortar Joint Options

Beyond the choices of mortar colors, there is also a choice in joint style. Not every joint, though, will fit every application. And hands down, concave is the most weather resistant style of mortar joint, making it also the most common tuckpointing style. The picture below outlines each style’s appearance (from a side view), with some prettier than others. Each joint style offers a different amount of weather resistance which goes hand in hand with lifespan. Concave joints are by far the most long-lasting, cost-effective joint. Most of the other tuckpointing styles are seen few and far between, usually on decorative brick or stone work, offered for aesthetics only.

Tuckpointing & Mortar Joint Styles

Mortar joint options for lay and repair

Tuckpointing Joint Styles and options


Flat or Flush

Fairly Common; Fairly weatherproof.

Recessed or Raked

It’s found around, Not very weather resistant.


Best Choice-See Above.


Somewhat common; Somewhat weather resistant.



Not seen often; Poor Weather resistance.


Rarely Seen; Horrible weather resistance.

Box or Ribbon

Seen on a lot of stone work; Okay weather resistance.

Beaded or Convex

Seen on a lot of stone work; Okay weather resistance.


Not seen often, Okay weather resistance.

Vee or “V”

As common and weather resistant as weathered joint