What Are Those White Stains On My Brick House?

Brick & Tuckpointing Stains: Efflorescence

Efflorescence Stains on Brick

You’re looking at your home and notice there’s a white or opaque residue film of something covering parts of your wall or other brick areas around the house. What is it? It’s called Efflorescence.

How does this Happen?

Masonry surfaces are “breathable” and absorb air and water. Moisture trapped in a wall or masonry structure eventually finds its way out through evaporation. Many masonry building materials contain some naturally occurring salts. As water evaporates out of the building materials (Especially during slow evaporation times like fall and winter, early spring), it leaves the salt behind, which forms a white, fluffy deposit. It is not usually a structural, but, rather, an aesthetic concern.

Where does it Happen?

Efflorescence occurs on masonry surfaces. Brick, block, stone, concrete and mortar joints (tuckpointing)

How is Efflorescence staining removed?

It can be removed with a light acid solution, then rinsed with water and apply a sealer to prevent water from coming to the surface bringing salts with it.  It’s really no big deal.

Questions or Concerns?

If you’re having problems with Efflorescence, you can give us a call or email. We would be Glad to Help.

by Jacob Thompson