What Are Those Black Stains On My Brick House?

carbon stainsMore Brick & Tuckpointing Stains: Carbon Stains & Restoration Cleaning Removal

What are the Stains?

It’s very common, especially in St. Louis, for older brick homes to have black stains on the bricks/brickwork around their home. These black stains can be anywhere on the wall and will vary in darkness or shades of black. These black stains are carbon stains from pollution in the air. Saint Louis was once a much larger Coal consuming city and with this, car pollution, and the constant burning of fireplaces, brick over time will accrue black stains.

How are the Stains Removed from brick and tuckpointing work?

Black Stains being removed from Brick and Tuckpointing work
Restoration Cleaning

These stains can be removed with a chemical called Restoration Cleaner. The Restoration Cleaner is diluted with water, brushed or scrubbed on the building (depending on the severity) and allowed to set for approximately 5 minutes. Next it will be power washed off with a pressure washer and most or all of the stains will have disappeared. This process is typically done before the whole wall is tuckpointed to prevent damage to the new mortar joints.

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by Jacob Thompson