Chimney Covers & Flue Toppers: Whats, costs, repairs and other helpful Information

Chimney toppers

What is a Chimney Cover/ Flue Topper/Cap?

A chimney cover or flue cap is the part on top of a chimney that covers the open flue liner to prevent unwanted weather/animals from entering while still allowing smoke to escape. It is an essential part to your chimney’s construction. Why? Chimney covers and Flue Toppers are used to keep water from weather & animals (Possums, raccoons, Birds & Bats) from entering you chimney flue and they offer additional protection for the concrete covering or crown wash on your chimney cap. Chimney toppers come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials and designs with purpose to protect and provide visual appeal. We can match nearly any topper, old and new alike. We offer chimney cover repair, replacement and installation services for all types of chimney toppers.

Materials & Costs for Chimney Covers & Flue Caps Installation, Repair and Replacement

Chimney toppers are made from wide range of materials. Having to be heat-resistant and somewhat Fireproof, the available materials and associated costs with repair, replacement and installation are listed below.

Clay Chimney pots/toppers:

Clay, Ceramic, & Terracotta. Commonly uncommon. These chimney toppers are found on many older homes across the country, but not nearly at all on homes built after the 50’s. Clay toppers are generally the most decorative of the bunch and hold the most aesthetic value(An opinion of course).While they can be found all over, it’s more of a few and far between type of deal. Most commonly found in an unfinished red clay colored or white glazed, they are also available in other colors. They are still made today, and our suppliers can match nearly any design, but because it is a low demand item and only people/companies with specialized skills or equipment manufacture them, they tend to be on the higher price side of chimney covers. More commonly repaired when possible repairs start at $150 and replacement starts @ $500.

Metal Chimney Covers & Flue Toppers:

Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, & Galvanzed Black. Who doesn’t like shiny stuff? By far, the least expensive and most resilient choice, metal chimney covers are the most commonly seen type of chimney cover.  Versatility has also helped Metal rank #1 in material for chimney covers for use on all types of chimneys. (Brick, Block Stone, Stucco and Non-masonry.) Available in any size, whether you’re looking to cover or cap just one flue or two (or even cover your entire chimney) a metal chimney cover can be custom-made to fit your order. The most basic of these toppers are going to be Black Galvanized, standard flue size circular or square and start @ $100 for cap and installation.

Concrete & Brick Chimney Covers :

Constructed from concrete and brick, and usually reenforced with steel rebar or wire mesh, these are two more materials in a slew of choices for covering your chimney top. Custom made to order and not typically an afterthought or addition to an existing chimney, this style often repaired. Repair costs start at around $200. Are you in need of our chimney repair service?

Stone Chimney Covers:

Limestone, Granite and other natural stones. Specially ordered and custom-made, these types of chimney covers are built to impress. Limited only by your imagination, stone can be used to construct nearly any kind of chimney cap over nearly any kind of chimney, but practicality has prevented it from achieving any kind of real popularity. Sound pricey? It is. And because each project involving these is different from the next, I’m unable to throw a number of what you could expect to pay without additional information. But I can tell you, It’s, almost always, the most expensive route. Granited, (Pun intended) this type is a luxury uncommonly found as a material covering a chimney, it is a choice. So if you’re choosing to have your stone chimney cap, repaired, replaced or installed, Give us a call for a Free Estimate for Chimney Repair.

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