What is a Crown Wash? Chimney Cap? Do I need mine repaired?

Crown wash vs. Chimney Cap

Failing Chimney Cap/ Crown wash in need of repair or replacementDefine Crown-wash:

A crown wash is a masonry coating a-top a brick, block, stone or stucco chimney. It is a vital to have one, intact and functional. What function? Crown washes keep water from entering the chimney to prevent rapid deterioration during the freeze thaw cycles. Crowns and caps with cracks are the first point of water entry in any weather exposed chimney. If you’re in need of this service or repair, you’re in luck because you’re only a click away from Contacting a Chimney Repair Professional.

Define Chimney Cap:

A little trickier. Chimney cap can refer to one of 2 things…

  1. Chimney Cap: Same as a crown-wash… sometimes. Chimney caps refer to either a masonry coating(ie crown wash) or covering, such as brick, block or stone at the top portion of a chimney. While the functions are essentially the same, they can vary in material shapes and sizes.
  2. Chimney Cap: A metal (aluminum, galvanized steel, & copper) Covering a chimney flue or chimney cap to prevent weather and animals from entering the flue making way into your home. Most common animal entry in St. Louis? Bats! Scary, huh? Let us disable that fear, give us a call for a quote today.

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by Jacob Thompson