Masonry Estimates: Tuckpointing, Chimney Repair & More

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Call it what you will, it’s all the same. You’re looking for an estimate of the cost of your brick repair, beit tuckpointing, chimney repair or any other masonry related project, you’re in luck, You found the right guys. You can contact us for a Free estimate by following links on the page or continue reading to let us convince you to call…..    We live in a day where little to nothing is offered free anymore. In an effort to showcase our talent and knowledge of the masonry field, we have always and will continue to, offer free estimates for tuckpointing, chimney repair, brick restoration and more. Because this is generally a free service, anyone looking for a bid on their own masonry project should take advantage and get at least a few quotes.

How to Choose the Right Company’s Estimate. I’ve heard a lot or people a lot of times tell me their methods of choosing a contractor.The most common:

(1) Pick the Middle priced bid, because it’s most fair. If only life were so just. It’s always best to compare apples to apples. Outline the differences between your estimates in scope of work and costs. Compare what is actually going to be done to assess the value of the total project before making a decision.

(2) Pick the Lowest priced estimate because it’s the cheapest. While, it’s true that you often-times get what you pay for, sometimes you really can stumble onto a deal. Use good judgement, check into the company on BBB or other review based business like google or yelp. Ask for a portfolio to see past projects, consider overhead costs of that company. And, if still in doubt, ask if payment can be submitted on completion of the project. We do not collect a down payment on many of our projects.

(3) Pick the Highest price quote, because that means they’ll do better. The same can be said as above. You get what you pay for but sometimes you might just be getting ripped off. This is why getting multiple estimates is usually the way to go.

The bottom line:  Always compare services, quality and costs to understand the value of what you’re getting. Ask questions, as many as you can. If the contractor is put off or doesnt have answers, you will probably not want to work with them anyhow.

Still Hesitant to give us a call? Here’s a bit more. Why to Choose Atek’s Masonry Services

So you Decided to Call? You can find what to expect from us below

From Before Start of Project: (The Estimate Process)

After calling and scheduling an appointment, you will meet with either Jacob or Josh Thompson to assess your project for a bid. From there, we will go over options for solutions to your masonry needs and familiarize you with our brick restoration processes and methods. You will receive a typed proposal outlining specific details about the project, including, if necessary, pictures outlining areas to be addressed as well as a quote for each item. Upon accepting proposal, a start date will be scheduled for your project.

Start of Project:

Material and Equipment will be gathered and brought to project work site. Down payment, if required, will be collected at this time. Down payment is not typically required for projects under $1500.

Throughout the Project:

We will be staying in touch by communicating questions or concerns with the customer via email, phone, or text. (Whichever is preferred)

To Finish:

We clean each job site to remove all signs of construction debris, treating each property as if it were our own.

As well as Afterwards:

Many or our projects come with a 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship. Anything we address comes with at least a 1 year warranty. Keep comfort in knowing that you will get a lasting job from qualified professionals.

By Jacob Thompson