The Best Tuckpointing goes Unnoticed.

Not a lot of masonry home owners look at exterior masonry walls and question the condition of the mortar between their brick, block or stone. Not until a problem is readily evident and possibly causing additional concerns such as water entry. Because Tuckpointing is typically thought of as a maintenance task rather than the aesthetic or structural value it can offer, Completed tuckpointing jobs, especially the best, often go unnoticed.

Brick pointing

What’s odd or unusual about this completed tuckpointing job? Does it stand out in any way? Sure the wall looks clean and neat, but how does it stand out?

My father was the first to explain that “Some of the best tuckpointing work goes unnoticed” Because Tuckpointing is a restorative type of work, people unfamiliar, with the poor “before” condition of a specific brick or stone wall/chimney, will unlikely notice an, “after” product for what it is, a work of art. Offering high quality tuckpointing is a service, in which, we offer and specialize.

Putting things back the way they were requires developed skill and knowledge of the trade. Restoration work should look natural and seamlessly flow with the original existing design. Other words often heard as My father often said, “It should look like it grew there.” Just like a tree growing in the woods, the tuckpointing on your home should look natural.

bad spot tuckpointing2bad spot tuckpointingTuckpointing is most noticeable when a job is done poorly. You may have noticed or may notice after reading, areas around town where spots of tuckpointing are different colors, joints vary in size or shape/style. When addressing a smaller are on a large wall, necessary steps should be taken to blend the old with the new as well as possible. Many times, this can be done virtually without notice, but only the best and most experienced have these skills?

Let us help turn back time on your masonry structure. We offer tuckpointing, masonry cleaning(Staining & paint removal(on brick block and stone)), sealing/waterproofing, & more. So, If you’re in the market for tuckpointing and want experts on the job with the knowledge and skill required to address your situation, Give us a Call, Text or Email for a Free Tuckpointing Estimate!