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Company Service Areas in St. Louis

Tuckpointing from the Redwood forests to the Gulf stream waters…

Well, not that far, really… Our Company’s general service area is “The Greater St. Louis Area” but a lot of our work can be found in specific areas and neighborhoods. How specific? Pretty specific. Why? Many of the areas below are primarily contain older brick homes in need of tuckpointing & referral based customers account for more than 50% of our clientage. Our clients tell others, namely neighbors, how we perform, and the finished product speaks for itself as well. There are many areas in and around St. louis where we have addressed multiple houses on one street.

Cities and Locations of completed tuckpointing projects

Red Circle outlines general service area; The green circles represent areas with heavier concentration of our past projects.

Most popular St. Louis areas and Neighborhoods

St. Louis County

  • University City 63130

    • Ames Place: Kingsbury, Waterman, Trinity, Kingsland and Pershing. We’ve tuckpointed over a dozen solid houses and done other miscellaneous Tuckpointing, Brick & Chimney repairs and more.
    • The Collegiate Streets: Stanford, Cornell, Dartmouth, Purdue, Yale and More.
  • Clayton 63105

    • Neighborhoods extending from Clayton rd, Hanley, Big Bend & Wydown have had us in and out servicing Chimneys for repair, tuckpointing and many other masonry related repairs. Ask around a little, Odds are, you will run into someone we’ve worked or just look up, we may be on a chimney in your area now.
  • Ladue 63124

    • Various Private communities in and around St. Louis and Warson country clubs. Brick structures, mailboxes, garden walls, decorative stone driveway and patios are commonplace in the areas in and around Ladue, MO. If you’re in need of similar service or repair, give us call, We’d be glad to help.
  • Des Peres 63131
    • While Des peres does not contain as many older brick homes as other neighborhoods in St. Louis, Chimneys and Walkways are popular items in need of restoration in this area.
  • Olivette 63132

    • In and around, up and down chimneys installing Flue Liners and addressing general masonry repairs.
  • Chesterfield 63005, 63017

    • An area with great distance between most homes and neighborhoods. Harder to be as specific here, but we’re there, mostly high and low restoring chimneys and bringing new life back to brick walks, paths, patios and porch decks.
  • Kirkwood 63122

    • Of all the side streets stretching from Lindbergh, South to North, Kirkwood has the most concentrated area of our work. The older brick homes in this area contain some of the oldest structures in the greater St. Louis area. When brick and stone were more commonplace in construction. Here, we find ourselves working inside basements, restoring stone foundations.
  • Webster Groves 63119

    • Much like Kirkwood, in proximity and building structures, Webster Groves offers some of the oldest masonry structures outside of St. Louis. Keeping up on maintenance and repairs is vital to prolonging the life of any brick home. And to many, “Your home is your castle” Let us help you keep it that way.
  • South St. Louis County 63125, 63026 63127 and more

    • Chimney’s, Chimneys, Chimneys. Repairing, restoring and rebuilding. While a lot of the counties’ homes are not as at the age to require any kind of overhaul on the exterior brick walls, chimneys are often-times the most exposed brick structure to weather. Freeze thaw cycles can be harsh, especially this past winter 2014. If you’ve found yourself with a weather damaged chimney, you’re in the right place. Look right and Contact us.

St. Louis City

  • St. Louis Hills 63109, 63139

    • Up and Down Hampton and side to side, a personal favorite area to work. The gingerbread style,bungalow/craftsman cottages & brick homes in this area truly showcase the artistic possibilities of masonry. Each home, uniquely built, with decorative stone accents, arched windows & doors and other forms of intricate brick detail, even on the chimneys. This style has been nearly abandoned for 50+ years. Restoring and maintaining is about all we have left to keep this art, at this quantity showcased. Call a Tuckpointer today.
  • Soulard 63104 & 63118

    • Soulard has been a mainstay in Atek’s customer clientage since the earlier years. Containing a lot of the “st. louis style: Red common brick” made locally with Missouri clay, and mortar mixed with sand from “The Mighty Mississippi” these homes were truly built to last. Many of them predating 1900 have found themselves in need of restoration and repair. What’s the condition of your brick and mortar?

Customer names and numbers available on request, after estimate, for referrals only.

Your area not listed? That doesn’t mean we haven’t been there. Give us a call today to check out available local references or visit our work page and let the pictures speak for themselves. Company Tuckpointing Pictures.

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