Expansion joints

Talking ’bout Caulking

Caulk is a versatile thing.

It can be used in many places and is, hands down, the most resilient product we work with. That’s easy to say without doubt considering most of the other products we work with are for tuckpointing and are cement based. Below we will go through some of the basics on when, where, why to use caulk as well as the different kinds of caulk.

When to use Caulk

The easiest way to describe the most common places for caulk use: Caulk will most often be used

Failing caulk joint at window1.) Anytime two dissimilar surfaces meet with a gap. (ie Brick meets wood or concrete meets stone.)

2.) When horizontal surfaces meet vertical surfaces. (ie An exterior wall meets the sidewalk)

3.) When movement needs to be allowed between two surfaces that meet with a gap (Concrete pads, Expansion joints in walls, Decorative stone in a brick wall, etc.)

4.) When Existing Caulk joint is failing