Brick Math: Adding & Subtracting Windows & Doors from your wall.

Let us show you how we can turn 1 opening into 2; 3 into 1; or 4 into none. Do you have a brick, block, stone or other masonry wall you would like to add or subtract a window or door from? Sounds like a big deal, moving windows, deleting doors or adding openings. It’s not. Let me walk you through some of the services we offer and what they entail as well as rough costs.

2 Added windows brick

Windows, Doors and Other openings in Brick, Block and Stone.

+ Adding

Who doesn’t like a well-lit room? Adding a window into a brick wall, granted, is easier said than done. That, though, doesn’t make it impossible or very hard to do.

  • Why it’s Easy: Adding a window into a brick or stone wall is going to create a lot of extra useable material than can be utilized in making a seamless addition to your brick wall. Matching older style brick or aged stone can sometimes be the hardest part in brick restoration.
  • Why it’s Hard: Adding a window into a brick wall takes a bit more than a “can-do attitude.” There’s fair amount of required knowledge regarding structural load capacities of steel lintels/Angle iron and brick/stone arches. This definitely a job better left to a professional. <—  That’d be us.
    • Costs associated with adding an opening:
      • The larger the opening, the larger the costs.
      • Adding a window will require the addition of a steel lintel or brick arch to support the weight above.
      • Demolition of desired opening area.
      • Prices Starting @ around $800 for 36″ x 48″ opening (Price is for opening only and does not include the window)

– Deleting or Removing

Sometimes it seems like a window or door just doesn’t belong.

  • Why It’s Easy: This doesn’t require as much thought or planning as Adding an opening. No lifting of heavy steel or building brick arches, the existing lintel can stay in the wall.
  • Why It’s Hard: As mentioned earlier, brick matching can sometimes be the hardest part of this job, other than that, the only thing left is to do, is cut out or “tooth” out the sides and start laying for a seamless subtraction of an existing door or window.
    • Associated Costs:
      • Material: brick & mortar
      • Labor: Brick and Mortar are relatively inexpensive. Time though, costs more.
      • Prices Starting @ around $600 for 36″ x 48″ opening (including removal of existing window or door)

+=-Enlarging, Reducing & Moving

Wouldn’t that window look better just a few inches to the right or left? And maybe it needs to be made a bit bigger? Make it smaller? Bring it down some, No, up some. It’s your house, Let us help make it your own.

  • Why It’s Easy: N/A
  • Why It’s Hard: N/A
    • Associated Costs:
      • Reducing size is going to have the same costs associated with deleting a window or door.
      • Enlarging or making an opening bigger is going to have the same costs associated with adding an opening.
      • Moving the window could have one or both costs associated.
        • “Bringing in” a side or both will not require the need for additional support (ie a lintel)
        • Raising the sill height won’t either
        • Lowering the window top will require the addition or a lintel as will
        • Expanding one side, the other or both
        • Because costs vary so much on this sort of thing, you’ll be better off giving us a call or email for a Free Estimate. 314-629-2283.


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