Greater St. Louis Area: High-Rises, Tall Houses, Towering Chimneys and Other High Places

Tuckpointing has it’s highs and lows (literally), Check out some of the high moments here. Mostly Spot tuckpointing and some solid sections here and there on the high rises, there’s not much in the sake of finished work to look at here, rather us enjoying our time in the sky.

If you have a tall building, chimney or very high masonry project that seems impossible to reach, give us a call, text or email us for a free estimate.


High Rise work IMG_0237 IMG_0268 IMG_0270  IMG_0420  IMG_0240 IMG_0273 IMG_0418 IMG_0419 36573 20130322_132137 IMG_20120518_122254 IMG006 20130204_144351 20130204_144402 20130204_144420 20130207_112241 20130610_154215 20131227_115341