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Brick Repairs: Coping with pools: Pun intended

Swimming Pool Coping

Pool deck repairs

Coping (or dealing) with damaged pool decks and pool coping can seem like an arduous task. Especially when considering the intense amount of maintenance already associated with owning an in-ground pool. If you’ve found yourself with pool deck problems, contact us today for a free masonry estimate for repair.

When working around pools, special precautions need to be taken to avoid damage to the pool and to prevent dust and debris from overwhelming surrounding drains or the water. Being familiar with how pools are constructed and why is a necessity for doing a job right. Below is a list of pool related masonry services we offer.


  • Coping Brick and Tile
    • Pool coping is the brick, block, stone or tile that surrounds the outer edge of your pool. Most commonly pre-cast stone or fired brick with a bull-nose finish, these brick and tile are available in many other materials shapes, sizes and colors. Damaged coping, including broken tile, cracked brick or deteriorated mortar joints, are among the most common repairs needed. Our services for coping tile around the pool range from repair to new installation.
      • Coping Tile Repairs
        • Services for repair range from minor touch-ups on the mortar around the pool deck to replacement and custom matching of existing brick or tile. We also offer full replacement of the border around your pool, read on…
      • Coping Brick Installation
        • Whether you’re in need of new coping for repair’s sake or looking to update the outdated, we can provide you with coping to fit your own style. Call, text or email us today for a Free, no hassle — no pressure consultation.
  • Pool deck caulking
    • The caulked joints around your pool deck and coping brick are the first line of defense against the damaging effects of weather. Keeping these joints sealed is essential in maintaining your pool. These joints are most often caulked with a polyurethane caulk colored and textured to best compliment the surrounding materials. To learn more about the caulking (processes and more), check out our article on caulking.
  • Pool Deck Tuckpointing & Restoration
    • Among the services listed above, we also offer tuckpointing of patios, pool decks and other flat work. Deteriorated, cracked or broken mortar joints between brick and stone can lead to further deterioration or movement if not addressed in a timely manner.
    • Other restoration services include: Power washing and stain removal from masonry surfaces such as brick, block, stone or concrete. We specialize in paint, carbon (Black) stain and Efflorescence (white) staining removal. With the safe use of chemicals, we can remove these unsightly stains without harming the masonry surfaces.