Why Choose a Brick Home?

Saint Louis, where water will freeze in the morning, then melt by afternoon. A location that is not really brick friendly, because of these extreme fluctuations in temperature, but many brick were used to build. Brick is a good sturdy choice for your home. You must take care of it. Whether that brick acts as just an expensive, long-lasting siding, a veneer, one brick thick, or as a true masonry home. Most older dwellings in St. Louis are three brick thick, newer ones are usually two, with a membrane and an air pocket that catches the cold or water then wicks it away.

Brick make a strong, secure dwelling. They provide insulation, collecting heat from the sun during the day, letting that heat out at night. They last a long time. Most are made from clay. St Louis has a lot of clay. Whole neighborhoods were built on clay mines. It gave on-site material and there was little to transport.

Bricklaying for dwellings have been around a long time, for thousands of years. They provide a secure habitat, and they last a long time if cared for. Personally, we have worked on brick houses that were well over a hundred years old. They were still fine houses. Yours can last that long too with proper maintenance, which is what we specialize in doing.

Let us make sure your home stays your castle for a long, long time.

–Mike Thompson