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Masonry Estimates: Tuckpointing, Chimney Repair & More

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Call it what you will, it’s all the same. You’re looking for an estimate of the cost of your brick repair, beit tuckpointing, chimney repair or any other masonry related project, you’re in luck, You found the right guys. You can contact us for a Free estimate by following links on the page or continue reading to let us convince you to call…..    We live in a day where little to nothing is offered free anymore. In an effort to showcase our talent and knowledge of the masonry field, we have always and will continue to, offer free estimates for tuckpointing, chimney repair, brick restoration and more. Because this is generally a free service, anyone looking for a bid on their own masonry project should take advantage and get at least a few quotes.

How to Choose the Right Company’s Estimate. I’ve heard a lot or people a lot of times tell me their methods of choosing a contractor.The most common: (more…)